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LegalCorp Solutions is a professional full service registered agent provider available in all 50 states for businesses large and small.

Professional Registered Agent Services

Every business needs a registered agent. We can serve as yours to protect your privacy and make sure you stay up to date and compliant.


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Why you need a registered agent?

The bottom line is that you have to have one. When you form an entity like an LLC or a corporation in any state, you will be required to appoint a registered agent for service of process. This is the person that is authorized to accept service of process if there is a lawsuit or official notices from the state. It is sometimes referred to as a statutory agent, resident agent, or corporate service of process agent. Most states will not allow you to form an entity without making such a designation.

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No Hidden Fees

Why Choose LegalCorp Solutions as your Registered Agent?

  • Dependable commercial offices

    Our registered agent offices are in commercial spaces and staffed during regular business hours meaning you don’t have to worry about missing important documents.

  • Affordable No Frills Service

    We are cheaper than many other options because we don’t include a lot of fluff. The registered agent is much like an umpire in baseball. You don’t become the umpire to put on a show or strive to be noticed. We aim to be a part of the machinery in the background that makes your business work. You don’t need ubiquitous alerts or additional services.

  • Compliance Check-Ups

    We keep you posted on when you need to make your filings with your state. We associate with other companies who can also simplify that process and handle all of your paperwork for you if you would rather just not have to deal with it.

Letting You Focus On Results

You could be your own Registered Agent, but you may want us to fill that role instead.


The address of the registered agent is public information and easily findable for people curious about your business. If you run a business out of your home, then you may not want to publish your home address to the world. Most states allow you to list the business address with a P.O. Box, but won’t let you do the same for a registered agent. You can list one of our many commercial addresses.

You won’t be served with papers at home

The most common way lawsuits are served on businesses is by and through the registered agent. If you list yourself, an officer could show up at your office or home and serve you in front of family and friends. By listing us, we get served and then discretely notify you of any lawsuits.


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