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The founders of Legal Corp Solutions are what many would call serial entrepreneurs. We simply think we find what we think would be interesting and go do it. Every time we set up a business, it seemed we were forced to decide on being our own registered agent or hiring a behemoth company who wanted to nickel and dime us for a bunch of services

and things we simply did not want. We, therefore, started our own registered agent business to help others in the same position we were in. We hope you find that we have struck the right balance. If you have any comments or suggestions about our services, we would love to hear from you. Email us at support@legalcorpsolutions.com.

“LegalCorp's vision remains unchanged - To be the most advanced registered agent offering nationwide.”

Our Guiding Principles


We have professionally-staffed offices nationwide you can depend on to serve as your registered agent.


We strive to be competitive in our pricing charging you only for the services you need and not trying to nickel and dime you.


Our team of customer service representatives are well-versed in state incorporation requirements and are ready to serve your needs.


With LegalCorp Solutions, you know what you are paying and what you are receiving. There are no hidden fees or expenses.


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